Organisations today have a clear focus on their core competencies and creating competitive advantage in a disruptive market. A key step towards achieving this is to outsource non-core areas to external experts or third-party providers. While this drives efficiency and cost-saving it also poses complex, ever-evolving risks.

Agrim’s Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Service expertly identifies and measures risks of third parties by assessing relationship risk, business profile risk and control risk through powerful assessment tools, a logical workflow, industry-specific compliance standards and a relevant business strategy.

Our services include:

Third-party screening

Background checks

Third-party assessment questionnaires

On-site assessment

Ongoing Monitoring

Our TPRM Framework

Powered by its rich experience of our consultants, Agrim has established a well-defined TPRM framework based on standards such as Octave, ISO 27005, ISO 31000 and NIST that helps organizations across various industry verticals seek timely vendor risk insights and respond to third-party & fourth-party risk exposures

Agrim TPRM Framework