Agrim, a digital solutions start-up, aims to enable global digital journeys for local Nordic enterprises


With Agrim’s solutions in digital security and digital consulting focused on the Nordic region, local enterprises can take the giant leap towards digital transformation with global footprint

Monday, February 1, 2021, Oslo, Norway

Agrim AS (, a cutting-edge provider of digital technology solutions focused on digital security and digital consulting services, launched its services today. It is on a mission to provide outstanding business value to Nordic enterprise customers. They plan to do this by enabling their journey to excellence with secure, digital solutions. Agrim aims to be a leading Nordic technology player in the digital arena, valued for excellence, agility and flexibility.

It is founded by a young, dynamic team that realised the pressing need for digital transformation and secure solutions in the Nordic enterprise space. While it started over a cup of coffee with a back of the envelope business plan, rigorous planning and development over the last many months have resulted in a best-in-class offerings stack.

One of the key needs that Agrim addresses is enabling small and medium Nordic enterprises to ‘think local, act global’. This will lead to more and more Nordic enterprises catering to global markets thanks to world-class digital capabilities. Agrim aims to be that trustworthy local digital partner who will bring global perspective and capabilities.

Nordic enterprises, like their global counterparts, are amid vigorous change accelerated by the Covid19 pandemic. Digital capabilities need an overhaul, and it is not a mere choice anymore. Every enterprise must be a digital enterprise Moreover, security breaches are on the rise in volume and in magnitude. Hence, the security of digital enterprises becomes non-negotiable.

Our Founders (left to right) Amit, Abhishek and Amarjit

Amit Garg, CEO & co-founder of Agrim and a second-generation Norwegian of Indian origin says “An understanding and appreciation of local culture is super important especially in the enterprise market. After all, it is not just B2B i.e. business to business but also P2P i.e. people to people. At the same time, global perspective and outlook are key too. Nordic companies are leaders when it comes to quality. It is time we took this excellence to global markets . And for that to happen, world-class digital transformation is absolutely essential which Agrim aims to enable.”

His fellow co-founder and Head of Solutions, Amarjit Singh Marjara, is yet another second-generation Norwegian of Indian origin. He adds, “While we are a local partner, our capabilities are at par with any global player in this space. The founding team has significant global experience across key markets such as US, Continental Europe and APAC in addition to local Nordic markets. We believe we are the best fit for enabling digital journeys of Nordic enterprises with global aspirations.”

Finally, Abhishek Ramavat, the third co-founder and advisor of Agrim had this to add, “Digital transformation is inevitable and has to be enabled, but it can’t happen if digital security is not in place. The cost of a security lapse is not just monetary or technological, but it can set back the digital journey of an enterprise many steps. Nordic enterprises need to focus on security and that is where we aim to help. Agrim will bring next-gen technology and security solutions for Nordic enterprises to fast track their digital programs.”

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