Organisations need to address risks across different levels in the business. These include strategic and tactical level risks, which can be opportunities or threats. What makes this complex is that these risks are not siloed. They are connected and their impact can have a compounding effect.

The need of the day is an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platform that holistically addresses these risks in its entirety.

Agrim’s IRM Platform implementation helps create a 360-degree approach to enable risk-aware businesses in the digital world. We provide implementation services for leading Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions in the industry. Our services include:


IRM Process Assessment

IRM Solution Designing

IRM Solution Implementation

Our IRM framework

Our IRM framework, brings together set of standards, practices and processes to driver a risk-aware culture and also empowering organizations through technology adoption. Our unique approach can enable decision making and performance through an integrated risk view.