Digital enterprises need to be focused on growth, efficiency and collaboration at all times. This can happen only if their people, processes and technology are secure. Agrim helps digital enterprises ensure a secure environment with cutting-edge security services tailored to their needs.

Our security protection framework is aligned to industry standards such as NIST that help delivers accurate & confidential insights to manage threats right from identification to recovery in an ever-changing landscape.


Organisations have varied digital journeys with varying digital ecosystems. Protecting the same and leveraging them to get ahead of the competition are both crucial. Agrim digital security consulting services helps organisations define a holistic digital program aligned with their digital journey enabling security as well as competitive advantage.


Our security consulting services cover:

Strategy, Risk, and Policy Services:
Conceptualisation, framework development & rules-based
Secure by Design & Zero Trust Services:
Putting in place digital security systems that do not trust
anything inside or outside organisation ecosystem, to ensure
fool-proof digital security
Cloud Security:
Clouds are inevitable and so are security threats therein and
thereof – our frameworks ensure peace of mind by securing
your clouds