Setting up a digital security program requires a combination of industry knowledge, technology expertise, deep security domain knowledge and of course, people management and leadership skills. Chief information security officers (CISOs) are highly sought after, to the point where good ones are hard to find and are expensive resources. Not to mention they are hard to retain as well. Unfortunately, many organisations try to live without one and find out the impact in the hard way. Reeling in the wake of security breaches with devastating consequences they recognize the value of the CISO.

Agrim’s CISO on Demand – vCISO is an outsourced digital security leadership and program management service. It sets up and manages your digital security function. It is delivered on an ongoing basis and remotely. Our team of practitioners and leaders can help you to:

Define digital security strategy & roadmap

Establish the security function

Setup standards, framework, and compliance

Assess threats, vulnerabilities and risks

Manage security breaches

Manage the information security team

Foster security culture & create training programs