About AgrimAgrim is on a mission to provide transformational solutions and services in the digital security and technology enablement space. We aim to do so on a solid foundation of core values, agility, flexibility, and domain expertise.

Our core offerings are in digital security and digital consulting services. In digital security, we offer end to end solutions and services ranging from strategy consulting, cyber risk assessment, cloud security, vulnerability assessment, phishing awareness to business resilience & data privacy services, Third-Party Risk Management and IRM solutions implementation. Within digital consulting, we offer technology consulting, cloud transformation, intelligent automation, and program management services.

We cover the entire gamut of people, process, and technology capabilities to usher in a new digital world for our clients across diverse sectors. We are focused on enabling personalized delivery for our valued clients.

As a lean entrepreneurial venture, our inherent agility and flexibility coupled with deep domain expertise and our core values set us apart.

Our Brand

‘Agrim’ is an Indian Sanskrit word meaning Always Ahead or leader or excellent.

It defines our ambition to always excel. It also, more importantly, underlines our ambition to enable our customers to always excel and lead. At our core, we wish to empower our customers with sustainable competitive excellence.

We aim to do this in two ways. By having them covered with the best digital security solutions. And by always enabling them with the best of digital consulting services. Our chosen primary colour is purple. Purple symbolizes wisdom and problem-solving. It represents our mission of adding value as a trusted advisor. It also represents our desire to be your chosen solution provider in digital technology.

Our Values

Customer Centricity
We are focused on ensuring customer success and hence customer delight
Trust & transparency
Our business and its methods are always based on and aimed at driving trust and transparency
Entrepreneurial Culture
Ownership is a way of life at Agrim – we instill attitude, develop skills and ensure empowerment for our teammates so that personal and organizational goals merge
Commitment To Society
We are deeply indebted and committed to our society and community – this is underlined by our focus on community outreach and service

Our Mission

Provide outstanding business value to our customers on their journey to excellence by empowering them with secure and digital solutions in the information world

Our Vision

To be a leading Nordic technology player in our chosen solution areas, valued for excellence, agility and flexibility.